Book Illustration

I love creating characters, building worlds and writing stories. Immediately below are some of the designs I've had printed onto greetings cards, based around some of the characters I've been working on in recent years. I work in a variety of media. The illustrations which feature on this page consist of either traditional dip pen and ink with watercolour or else fineliner pens with watercolour. Digital colouring is sometimes added to the background of certain pieces.


I really enjoy being out in nature and there are a few places which are very special to me. Anywhere where you can find messy hedgerows, twisting trees, tall grasses and colourful flowers will always fill me with inspiration. 


I've always had a love for magic, fantasy and folklore but it's only more recently that I've started to incorporate these interests in my creative work. Here is a selection of some of my more finished black and white fineliner illustrations. 

All work Copyright C.G.Michaels. All Rights Reserved.

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